Halfway There! 30 days of books!

So we are halfway through the month with my month long celebration of thirty years of writing. These are the giveaways for the 15th, 16th, and 17th! Assignment: Bodyguard is one of my favorite books. The hero is British and kind of James Bondish! And he’s in the same series as Secret Agent Minister. DeadlyContinue reading “Halfway There! 30 days of books!”

Thirty years of books–Day 8!

So we’re on day eight. But it’s the ninth so that means either I’m behind or really confused. Just know I will give out a book each day in the month of March and I’m tracking each book and each person who will get a book! (I think.) So let’s talk about the call. WeContinue reading “Thirty years of books–Day 8!”

Thirty years of writing books. Thirty days to celebrate and give out some books! It can happen!

So I’ve been going down memory lane while I celebrate thirty years of a career I love. I knew I wanted to be a writer when we had an assignment in fourth grade. We had to write a story. I loved it and for once, my vivid imagination paid off. I got a good grade.Continue reading “Thirty years of writing books. Thirty days to celebrate and give out some books! It can happen!”

30 years of happily ever after

Lenora Worth Hello, people of the world! This March, I’ll be celebrating thirty-years as a published writer. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long and that I’ve written over one-hundred books and novellas. I’ve also made the USA Today, Publishers Weekly, and New York Times Bestsellers Lists. So I plan to celebrate this milestoneContinue reading “30 years of happily ever after”

This Christmas ….

Another year, another time of doubt and turmoil. But this is our happy place. This is the place where we dream dreams and hear birds chirping. None of that whining and moaning and complaining that seems to fill the airwaves and make us all sad. I think we’ve all been spoiled and we might needContinue reading “This Christmas ….”

People often ask–what have you been doing?

It’s been a while …. but I have some very good excuses–deadlines!! It seems I booked too many books this year and I have about two hours between each book and each deadline, so I sit in my room with a view and write all day long. Sometimes at night, too! I have proof forContinue reading “People often ask–what have you been doing?”

Hey, y’all!

I’m blogging again. I took some time off, okay a long time off, to focus on writing. But after the year we’ve had I thought I’d get back into blogging and do it my way. Which is meandering and slow and sometimes quiet, and probably a grammar police nightmare. I won’t be here every day,Continue reading “Hey, y’all!”