So many books. So little time.

So March has blown through and now we are into April, but I’m still going to give away more books. I had a great time at the Blue Lake Christians Writers Conference in the wilds of Alabama. I’m kind of high maintenance and this is a conference center and camp center. Dorm-type rooms and aContinue reading “So many books. So little time.”

30 days of books, continued!

So I took the weekend to write and do edits. This is a writer’s life. We kind of live with our characters twenty-four seven. I didn’t get much done. We have a puppy named Bogi and we’ve had him a week. I’m sleepy, hungry, and having a ball. It reminds me of newborns and allContinue reading “30 days of books, continued!”

Halfway There! 30 days of books!

So we are halfway through the month with my month long celebration of thirty years of writing. These are the giveaways for the 15th, 16th, and 17th! Assignment: Bodyguard is one of my favorite books. The hero is British and kind of James Bondish! And he’s in the same series as Secret Agent Minister. DeadlyContinue reading “Halfway There! 30 days of books!”

Let’s catch up!

Eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen–30 years of writing romance! I’m back. A long weekend and a lot of stormy weather, but I’m back at my desk now. I have more books to give to someone! Speaking of books, I’ve been going through my bookshelves as we begin to downsize a bit. So many memories with soContinue reading “Let’s catch up!”

Days 9 and 10–30 years of books!

So this had been fun but I’m going to catch up a bit. I won’t blog over the weekend, so I’ll be giving away books for days nine and ten today. And we’ll catch up on the other two on Monday. So to recap: So far here are my winners. You will receive a bookContinue reading “Days 9 and 10–30 years of books!”

Thirty years of books–Day 8!

So we’re on day eight. But it’s the ninth so that means either I’m behind or really confused. Just know I will give out a book each day in the month of March and I’m tracking each book and each person who will get a book! (I think.) So let’s talk about the call. WeContinue reading “Thirty years of books–Day 8!”

Thirty days of books–Day 7

I’m beginning to lose track of the days, but I’m pretty sure this is day seven of my month long celebration on being a working writer for thirty years. I always wanted to write, but when I moved to Atlanta, GA with my husband and baby, I worked in retail and dreamed of writing. IContinue reading “Thirty days of books–Day 7”

Ask Elnora!

Thirty Years of Happily Ever After–Day 6 of sharing books! Thank you for the many comments here and on other social media outlets. I love sharing my celebrations with my readers. Although I wrote from grammar school and on–writing short stories and selling them for a quarter on the playground–I didn’t get published until 1993.Continue reading “Ask Elnora!”

Thirty years of writing books. Thirty days to celebrate and give out some books! It can happen!

So I’ve been going down memory lane while I celebrate thirty years of a career I love. I knew I wanted to be a writer when we had an assignment in fourth grade. We had to write a story. I loved it and for once, my vivid imagination paid off. I got a good grade.Continue reading “Thirty years of writing books. Thirty days to celebrate and give out some books! It can happen!”