Thirty years of books–Day 8!

So we’re on day eight. But it’s the ninth so that means either I’m behind or really confused. Just know I will give out a book each day in the month of March and I’m tracking each book and each person who will get a book! (I think.)

So let’s talk about the call. We moved to Shreveport, LA in the early eighties (like last century eighties). I wanted to write so badly, but I had a great job at the local cable company. Meanwhile, we lived in an apartment complex right across the street from a library. I could walk there every day and get books for myself and my young daughter. Heaven, completely, heaven. Then I was in the mall one day (of course I’d worked there briefly before getting the cable job) and saw a group of writers at a book signing. I walked up and picked up their books then squeaked out, “I’d like to write one of these someday.” They invited me to join the local chapter of RWA–Romance Writers of America.

I joined immediately and soon learned that I knew nothing. But I had all these ideas. So I persevered, studied how-to books, took college courses about writing and became involved with some wonderful mentors. Fast forward–I left the cable company job, had a few months of writing, and then found a new job at a large military credit union in the marketing department. There I got to be creative in writing jingles, and coming up with ad content for our clients. But I also got pregnant my first month there. So the next year I left that job to stay at home for a while. And write. My husband told me we’d always live in our little starter home, I’d always drive the same car we had then and gasp–he cut up my credit cards. K-Mart became my new best friend. But I was so happy writing away each day and entering contests. I also sent out some queries and got a lot of rejections. But finally, the day came when I got the call. By then, we’d moved into a bigger home, I had a new car, and I was working part-time at Mother’s Day Out and assisting a Mary Kay distributor who really knew her stuff. She’d taught me a lot about marketing and sales. Only when I did get the call, I was so sick in bed with the flu, I thought I was hallucinating. I heard the NY voice and thought it was a telemarketer. But she said, “Don’t hang up. We want to buy your book.” I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Seriously. There is more to that day. But we’ll hear that later.

Today’s winner, who gets yesterday’s book is Tina Hughes. Tina, I will send you a book soon!!! Thanks for being there with me and championing my stories for many, many years!

Now to find the person who will get this book:

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10 thoughts on “Thirty years of books–Day 8!

  1. Precious Elnora, I am loving reading your posts about your writing journey. You are amazing and I know you’ve inspired many writers (including moi!). I hope you’ll keeping penning those wonderful stories for years to come!


  2. I am having trouble logging into Word Press, so I saw the line that says we could reply. Congrats on your thirty years!! Enjoy your Love Inspired Amish books.


    Tammie Edington Shaw


  3. It’s wonderful to read about your writing journey Lenora. You showed determination and perseverance as a writer who is now blessing readers with your stories. Amish fiction is one of my favorite genres to read!


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