People often ask–what have you been doing?

It’s been a while …. but I have some very good excuses–deadlines!! It seems I booked too many books this year and I have about two hours between each book and each deadline, so I sit in my room with a view and write all day long. Sometimes at night, too! I have proof for you. The following shows how many books I’ve had released this year. Full disclosure–some of them were reissues and I didn’t do much on those except make these graphics. Please talk to me and tell me Im not the only one spinning plates all the time.

I’m writing, I’m proofing, I’m tweaking, I’m marketing, I’m promoting, I’m annoyingly all over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’m here, doing my thing in my absent-minded way while the world just keeps on turning. But I did want to stop (during the two hours I have right now) and tell you, my dear readers, that I so appreciate all of you. All the prayers, the letters, the cards, the gifts, the posts, the follows, and all the love. I love you back–Always! I hope you have the best of holidays and that the magic and holiness of this season will heal any hurts, repair any broken things, and fill your hearts with joy. Read books, eat cookies, and know that I am thinking of you and thanking you.

Merry Christmas and Peaceful Holidays!

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