Hope springs eternal …..

But blogging comes and goes … and people often ask me ….

I’ve been busy. I finished a six book contract last year, signed another six-book contract for one publisher, and began work on a three-book contract for another publisher. Then a one book contract for yet another publisher. So people often ask me–how do you do it?

I don’t know how I do it. If I stop to think about it, I’ll panic! I only know that I have to write every day. Yes, every day. I don’t work as much on the weekends, but I do work. I decided a long time ago, if God gave me this career, I’d do my best to take care of it.

But I did have to give up a few things: committee work, saying yes to anyone who needed anything, not as many lunches out, not as many afternoon shopping trips to the mall, less phone calls, and less of a lot of things. But I consider what makes me happy and brings me fulfillment:

My faith, of course. It took me a while after we moved to Florida to find a home church. But I never lost faith. I talk to God every day, and I pray to him every day. Most of my story ideas come with walks on the beach, talking to the Lord.

My family. I’ve always tried to balance family with work, but my work day is a full day unless I pencil in giving myself time off. However, if someone in my immediate family needs me, I try to be there.

For years after I became published, I still kept part-time jobs. Growing up on a farm taught me a strong work ethic. I learned discipline and multi-tasking and following the seasons. I learned how to get things done because farming always has a deadline, just like writing. So now I write, I work, I balance my schedule and take time off as needed. I never take the consistency of this work for granted. I write commercial fiction which means I like to make a living with each book. My publishers and I need to eat and pay bills, (and buy shoes) so my work is just as important as anyone’s job. It pays the bills and keeps me out of trouble. Mostly 🙂 So how do I do it?

Sometimes, I work on two projects at once. I write one in the morning and one in the afternoon, I alternate days between books. Or I get on a roll with one, and then go back to the other one and get going on that. I don’t recommend this for everyone, but it works for me. But I’m old, and my children are grown, and my husband is retired. I have more time to write.

So hope springs eternal because we know other seasons will come. If you’re struggling with your writing time, remember in order to get a job done, your first must show up. If you don’t show up to write, the work won’t get done. And someone could be missing out on a good book!

Happy Spring. What is your hope this spring?

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Bio—Lenora Worth 2021 A member of the American Christian Fiction Writers Honor Roll, Lenora Worth writes romance and romantic suspense for Love Inspired and sweet romance for Tule Publishing. She also writes for Kensington Books. Three of her books have finaled in the ACFW Carol Awards. She received the Romantic Times Pioneer Award for Inspirational Fiction. Lenora is a NY Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling writer and a 2019 RWA RITA® Finalist. With one-hundred-plus books and novellas published and over three million books in print, she enjoys adventures with her retired husband and loves reading, baking, and shopping … especially shoe shopping. Go to www.lenoraworth.com to sign up for Lenora’s newsletter and find her book list and upcoming releases. @lenoraworth on Twitter lenoraworth on Instagram Lenora Worth, Author on Facebook

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